HAUK, just another security company? What makes us better than the rest? Simple really, we care! We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of service and winning the trust of our clients. Our clients are our priority and we understand that without satisfied customers it is impossible to succeed.

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Alarm Response & Key Holding

What is HAUK Response?

HAUK Security introduces HAUK RESPONSE our 24/7 Alarm Response and key holding service.

How does HAUK Response Work?

HAUK Security responds to your alarm or CCTV System upon activation. We operate key holding and alarm response on a national basis. Our dedicated control team despatch a GPS Tracked fully marked HAUK Security Response unit to your home or business. Upon arrival our fully trained, S.I.A Licenced, Uniformed response officer carries out a full search of your property ensuring that no intruders are present and that there are no signs of forced entry or damage to the property.

In constant contact with our 24/7 Dedicated control centre via GPS Tracking and Radio – our officers will update our control centre and if necessary will arrange for the Police to attend your premises. Should any damage have occurred it is possible that our control centre can arrange for full boarding up facilities to be arranged and for a security presence to remain on site until the premises are secure.

How quickly do you respond?

HAUK Security is not an emergency service and as such has to obey the Highway Code and speed limits of the roads on which we travel. However within the GU15 area HAUK Security can respond within 15 minutes to any alarm activation, this is achieved by our use of multiple responders who are positioned strategically to cover the area enabling our response times to remain within service level agreements.

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Manned Services

No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. The key to reducing risks and preventing losses lies in being aware, alert and prepared at all times.

Your business or company may be small or large. It may be located in an urban or rural setting. Your surrounding external environment may pose potentially small or greater risks to your personnel and property. There are several sectors that form our manned services division. These include Static Guards, Reception Security, retail security, property protection and others.

Static Guards

These are generally guards that protect customer’s premises such as warehouses, car parks, factories etc. Their main duties are to control access, patrol the premises, prevent loss, report crimes and or suspicious behavior.

Reception Security

These are generally guards that protect customer’s premises such as warehouses, car parks, factories etc. Their main duties are to control access, patrol the premises, prevent loss, report crimes and or suspicious behavior.

Retail Security

Customers are the key priority to retail organizations. Without them they would not exist. However, in the modern world retail organizations face incredibly challenging security scenarios that often affects customer satisfaction. Loss prevention is a key requirement for success.

HAUK provide retail security guards and store detectives to:
Boutiques, Clothing & Accessory Stores, Showrooms, Galleries, Shopping Centres, Entertainment Complexes.

Retail services can be utilised in a number of ways to protect your business interests:

CCTV Public Space Monitoring, Tag Checking, Entrance Greeting and Information, Lost Person or Items Procedures, Appointed First Aid Persons, Appointed Fire Safety Persons, Police Liaison, Loss Prevention, Store Detectives, Maintaining Store Search Policy

The service is tailored to the required levels, allowing appropriate allocation of security, and other duties, enabling retail employees to carry on with their responsibilities in the most effective manner.

Property Protection

HAUK offers total vacant property management that aims for optimal occupation, protection, management and utilization of your vacant property. The goal of this innovative approach is to minimize the risks facing your vacant property such as vandalism, theft, squatting and dilapidation and to maximize your returns.

We can provide temporary occupants and/or users for your vacant property; key workers who protect your property through temporary occupation licenses.

Call our SOS anti-squatter service and we will be there straight away.

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Supported Housing

HAUK offer highly trained concierge personnel who work primarily within supported housing environments. We work seamlessly with our clients ensuring that strong and reliable support is offered to both themselves and their residents.

Our in depth experience and comprehensive training gives our personnel and management team a specific understanding of your environment and furthermore better equips us in handling scenarios such as conflict in the correct manner, hence minimizing any potential risks while on duty.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients to develop and implement practical solutions, tailor-made to their requirements thus providing superb on-going support to both clients and their residents.
We understand the value of safe guarding and implementing of strict professional boundaries. We work with lower needs up to high needs projects. From supporting the homeless, alcohol and drug addiction, Mental health and young people.

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Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrols are highly effective when you need to create a deterrent but when full-time security is not an affordable option. Mobile patrol visibility is key, so all our security patrol officers arrive at your site in a clearly marked patrol vehicle. We protect huge open areas (Golf courses, schools, recreation areas, parks) to areas with restricted line-of-sight (large construction projects, warehouses, transport yards) and to areas too dangerous for security guards alone (gang-related problems, underground parking, shopping centres, high crime areas).

Each site visit will include a pre-determined or random patrol covering all the access-points, perimeters and areas necessary. All patrols complete site inspections on a totally unpredictable basis, this means anyone who is studying your property security will find it difficult to predict when the next patrol is going to be.

There will also be signs placed at strategic points on the perimeter warning that the property is protected, all part of the deterrent to potential intruders.

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Event Management

HAUK is a trusted crowd management, venue and event security specialist, with a reputation for excellence. Our proven track record spans years delivering consistently high quality, affordable security services, with the safety of everyone at a venue, sports ground or green field site our core aim.

Comprehensive expertise and experience underpin our provision of robust, yet customer friendly, venue, event security and crowd management services. These range from consultancy, VIP close protection and event stewarding; to asset protection, training and research.

HAUK is continually developing long-standing relationships with clients from all walks of the events sector based on mutual respect and an aim to create the best possible events and audience experiences. Our tailored security services are achieved through listening attentively to a wide array of priorities, while staying attuned to industry trends and embracing new technology and techniques to progressively improve our standards, along with those of our clients. To see how HAUK can help your event please contact one of our UK offices, and speak to one of our award winning teams about providing you a personal, local service, with national standards and support.

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Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors are the very often your first point of contact with the public and the first impression of your venue, so customer service is our utmost priority. As employees of HAUK, they are appraised regularly to ensure a high standard of professionalism and that they are conforming to the SIA Codes of Practice.

Our unique method of operation ensures that our clients receive the very best local resources supported by our standards driven security management systems.

Regular audits are the key to our success in conjunction with our nationwide network of approved service providers.

Irrespective of what legislation dictates; we insist on conflict management and physical intervention training for all Door- supervisors to ensure the safety of the general public and our work force.

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Close Protection

This specialized area of the Close protection sector has seen many changes, from private security operations in hostile areas/conflict zones to regulation and audited and qualified standards of training. What was once a service employed by the rich and those in the public eye has now become a necessity or modern business trading and personal safety. A security company can only be defined as 'Specialist' when they have a proven track record of success working and focused at the absolute upper end of the Executive Protection field. The engaging of Specialist Security Operators is crucial to successful security operations to ensure business continuity and safety in trading.

We provide:

Close Protection Personal Escorts

Personalized personal protection for individuals or organizations whether it be in the UK or abroad.

Companion Service

We offer a companion service for customers such as unaccompanied minors, Senior Clients or clients requiring a medical escort.

Advanced Security Teams

Advanced scouting teams sent out to larger missions that require advanced planning.

Residential Security Teams

Personal round the clock protection for VIP clientele who require daily protection at home, vacation or during day to day life.

Executive Vehicle Service

We offer an executive vehicle transport service that ensures safe effective transportation for you, your clients and important visitors. Whether it be to and from the airport or on various planned day trips.

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Recruitment - Positions Available

We have various positions available within Hauk Security.

Security Services

Global Risk Managment Services


Sales & Marketing

There are various other positions available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed list or to request any tailor-made services.


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Security Based Courses

  • HABC Level 3 award in Close Protection
  • HABC Level 3 award in Close Protection (Refresher)
  • HABC Level 2 award in Door Supervision
  • HABC Level 2 award in for up-skilling Door Supervisors
  • HABC Level 2 award in Understanding Stewarding at spectator events
  • HABC Level 2 award in Security Guarding

Maritime Ship Security Officer

Please contact us for the more specialised training courses not listed. We are able to provide a career path all the way though to being able to work on ships and also doing close protection in the more hostile environments.

Medical Courses

  • IHCD First Person on Scene & Tactical Medicine
  • Emergency First Response (Primary/Secondary Care and Care for Children)
  • HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work
  • HABC Level 2 Award in First Aid at Work
  • HABC Level 2 Award in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation
  • HABC Level 2 Award in Paediatric First Aid

Conflict Managment Courses

  • HABC Level 3 Award in Delivery of Conflict Management Training
  • HABC Level 2 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training


There are various other courses available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed list or to request any tailor-made services.


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